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Audio System
Including: DA Series: Multi-Channel Digital Amplifiers; A-2000 Sereis: Mixer Power Amplifiers; 900 Series: Mixer Power Amplifiers; 9000M2 Series: Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers; 9000M2 Series: Modules and Accessories; A-700 Series: Mixer Power Amplifiers; BG Sereis: Mixer Power Amplifiers.
Voice Evacuation System
Including: S-20 Sound Repeater Module; VM-2000 Series: System Management Amplifier.
PA Speakers
Including: PC Series: Ceiling Speakers; BS Series: Box Speakers; BS-1030 Series: Splashproof Box Speakers; TH Series: Horn Speakers (Separate type); CS and SC Series: Horn Speakers; PE and PJ Series: Interior Design Speakers; PC-5CL Clean Room Ceiling Speaker (Special Speakers); Speaker Mount Brackets; Accessories (Attenuators); and Impedance Meter.
Pro-Audio Speakers
Including: SR-C and SR-A Series: Line Array Speakers (Modular type); SR-H and SR-S Series: Slim Line Array Speakers; HX-5 Series and SR-T5 Series: Compact Array Speakers; HS Series: Coaxial Array Speakers; F Series: Ceiling Speakers; F Series: Wide-dispersion Box Speakers; Matching Transformer; ME Series: Monitor Speakers; H Series: Interior Design Speakers and F Series Triangular Speakers; Subwoofers; and Speaker Accessories.
Wired Microphones
Including: PM-660U Paging Microphone; and DM-1300 Unidirectional Microphone.
Wireless Microphones
Including: 5000 Series: UHF Wireless System; UHF Wireless Microphone Kits: Trantec UHF Wireless Kit; 200/300 Series: UHF Wireless Kits; 5000 Series: UHF Wireless Mircophone Kit; Infrared Wireless Microphone System; and Wireless Guide System. (UHF Spectrum Changes Statement)
Conference System
Including: TS-800/900 Series: Infrared Wireless Conference System; and TS-770 Series: Wired Conference System.
Network Audio Adapters
Including: NX-100 Network Audio Adapter.
Intercom System
Including: N-8000 Series: IP Network Intercom System and Optional Accessories.
Including: ER-1000 Personal PA System; ER-604W MEGA TALK; ER Series: Megaphones (Waterproof Hand Grip Megaphones) (Hand Grip Megaphones) (Shoulder Megaphones)
Mobile Amplifiers
Including: CA Series: Mobile Amplifiers.
Audio Source Device
Including: Audio Source Device (Digital Messaging EV-20A Sound Repeater, EV-20R Digital Message Repeater, EV-350R Digital Recorder/Player); and DT-930 AM/FM Synthesizer Tuner.
Rack-mount Equipment
Including: MP-032B Monitor Panel; MP-1216 Multi-Channel Monitor; PF-511 1-Size Perforated Panel; and Rack-mount Brackets.
Program Timer
Including: TT-104B Program Timer.
Including: D-2000 Series: Digital Mixing Processor Unit; D-901 Digital Mixer and optional accessories; M-900MK2 8-Channel Mixer Preamplifier; and M-243 Stereo Mixer.
Audio Signal Processors
Including: DP-K1 Digital Signal Processor; DP-L2 Digital Ambient Noise Controller; E-1231 1-Channel 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer; and E-232 2-Channel 2/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer.

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